The 30 Day Fit Model Challenge

In 31 days we are leaving for a vacation at Club Med in Turks & Caicos. While we’re there ,the resort will be setting up for a semi-pro volleyball tournament, and we are welcome to play with the players who are practicing beforehand. This means I have 31 days to try and get in a little better shape. Enter the 20 Day Fit Model Challenge.

The Challenge consists of three parts:

  1. The 300/30 Day Ab Challenge
  2. 30 minutes of running/jogging/intervals a day
  3. 3 things I/you want to improve about my/your health regimen

The 300/30 Day Ab Challenge has been making the rounds on Pinterest, and I’ve finally tracked down the orignal blogger who created it. After trying the exercises once, I never seemed to get into a committed routine. This way I have some accountability.

Fair warning, the exercises are not all easy and several bloggers have said that it took 3-4 days before they were able to complete the whole set without wanting to die. That’s why I’m starting on a Friday.

Part two is getting in a little bit of cardio every day. My mother gets up at 6 am for a 3 mile walk with her girlfriends every morning. Not only does she get in great gab time, but that brisk hour is keeping her fit, trim, and active. My ultimate goal is to go for a 30 minute walk with Daphne every morning then do 30 minutes of hard cardio at the gym in the evening, mixing in yoga classes etc when I can.

Part three is not about physical fitness, it’s about creating your model life. A couple years ago I made flossing daily my New Year’s resolution, and I’ve been a floss machine ever since. This part of the challenge is to do something that will better your overall health and wellness.

Mine will be drinking 100 oz of water every day, spending an extra 3 minutes on my beauty routine in the morning and the evening, and not eating sugar/candy/baked goods. Maybe I’ll have a bite of cake on Adam’s birthday, but otherwise I’m cutting off the sugar.

So keep your eyes open for updates, hopefully I can really dedicate to this plan, and it will give me more energy, more strength, and clearer skin.

If you’d like to join the challenge, leave comments below!

Model Fit: Sugar Free

As I mentioned yesterday, sugar and I have a complicated relationship. Sugar gives me energy spikes to get through some of the more tedious tasks of my day. Sugar lifts my spirit with a jolt of endorphins when I’m feeling a bit down-and-out. Sugar doesn’t judge me, and sugar can appreciate what I’m going through, especially if it’s something I can’t share with those around me.

But sugar isn’t really my friend. Which is why my goal for this week is to go sugar free. And by sugar free I mean not eating candy at work or making a batch of cookies every night when I get home. Strawberries never did me any harm, and who can live without ketchup!

(Who knew there was a thing like strawberry ketchup. Must try!)

So far, I’ve got Day One down. Day Two was a bit rougher. Partially because we had a BBQ at work today, and the plate of brownies, lemon tarts, and coconut and chocolate square was just too tempting. Then at 4:30 just as I was about to cave and trudge to the Mike n’ Ike’s, I remembered the plum in my bag.

Fruit: 1. Candy: 0.

It’s all about baby steps. Taking one small goal then increasing that goal slowly over time. I have eight weeks until our vacation in Turks and Caicos. We’ll have five days to lounge on the beach, go sailing every day, and play volleyball against some pros warming up for a tournament the week after we’re staying at Club Med. While I’d love to say I’ll be feeling svelte and healthy by homecoming in 4 weeks, I have to have a more realistic goal. Besides, MyFitnessPal says I’ll be down to 140 lbs in 5 weeks. That includes a burger for lunch and a massive sweet potato for dinner. Not too shabby.

Now back to my glass of Pinot Noir, my treat for avoiding the sweets in the office today and gearing up for Day Three. Cheers!