DIY At Home Spa Day

I thought it would be a nice, mid-week break to put together some easy DIY spa treatments. Pull out your kitchen cabinet, a DVD of Pride and Prejudice (I just got the Kiera Knightly version in the mail!) and relax. Maybe you can even get your guy to join in! Here are my top 5 at-home spa treatments.

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1. Soft Hands: TV-Friendly Hand Salve : Combine a few spoonfuls of cold cream, 2 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, a spoonful of olive oil and a banana (for a fruity smell) in a blender. When the consistency is smooth, slather liberally all over hands and cuticles. Then slip hands into a pair of yellow rubber gloves—yes, the kind you use to scrub the tub with. For the softest hands ever, I like to sit down and watch TV with my lotioned and gloved hands underneath a heating pad so that the heat will help my homemade salve penetrate my skin that much more. India-Jewel Jackson, GlamBlush, Posted on

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2. Silky Hair: Olive Oil Mask: Summer time means salt water and sun combine to make frizzy, unmanageable hair. To combat this, comb through your hair a couple of tablespoons of good olive oil and then cover with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Leave for fifteen minutes then wash clean.  Anya Merryfield, NZ Girl

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3. Tight Pores: Indian Tomato Tightener: This simple recipe only has 2 ingredients: 1 small or medium unripe tomato (the greener, the better) and 1 tsp. honey.  In a blender, puree tomato and honey to a thick pulp. Cleanse your face well and exfoliate with your favorite product or washcloth to ensure pores are open. Using two fingers, gently massage the pulp into your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Put leftovers in Tupperware and place in the fridge; they’ll last for up to a month. This mask benefits skin by tightening pores and removing excess oil (tomato) and naturally moisturizing (honey).  Shobha SoHo in New York City, Posted on

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4. Smooth Feet: Bedtime Piña Colada Callous Treatment: Even if rough feet aren’t a big problem for you, this foot soak sure sounds yummy. In a foot bath or large, clean bucket, pour in 2-3 cups pineapple juice. Add in ½ cup coconut milk and stir well. Soak for feet for 8-10 minutes and rinse well with warm water. Gently rub a natural pumice stone across any rough areas. Towel dry and apply your favorite moisturizer while feet are still damp. For extra softness, pull on a pair of cotton socks to wake up in the morning  Barbara Feiner, Organic Authority

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5. Touchable Skin: Sweetheart’s Chocolate-Honey Scrub: In a rubber mixing bowl, combine 2 cups honey (100% pure is best) and ½ cup grape seed oil. Stir in 6 Tbl. grated unsweetened chocolate (or dry cocoa powder) and 2 cups kosher salt, mixing completely. Consistency should be grainy and thick. Apply scrub to your skin and gently massage all over your body. Remove with warm, damp towels or rinse off in shower. Makes two treatments. The National Honey Board and Christopher Watt Esthetics in West Hollywood, California, Posted on

Have any other DIY at home spa recipes to share? Post them in the comments! Happy DIY spa day, and have a happy Hump Day!


Jenna Kate


Last weekend, Adam and I went and stayed at The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach for our anniversary. It was amazing.

The hotel is a registered landmark, so it maintains the original facade. Most of Miami Beach makes up the art deco district, a complete architectural throw-back to the ’60s. The buildings all have old school neon signs and post-modern geometric patterns next to classical Greek columns. It’s a great place to walk around both during the day and at night.

In the afternoon, we checked in early and headed to the spa. We baked on the deck covered in rejuvenating golden mud, dipped in the infinity pool and checked out the steam room, sauna, and sound shower. It was a fun few hours of being grown-ups in a luxuriously kid-free zone.

That night, we headed to Creek 28 at Indian Creek Hotel, a short drive from our hotel. Sitting out on the patio, we started out having the whole place to ourselves. We each had a bowl of tomato soup with cheesy croutons to start, then I had the pork with veggies and Adam had the Mahi fish of the day. Our waitress came out and mentioned that the kitchen had received the wrong cut of pork, and would two pieces be alright instead of one? I said sure, not realizing I was getting myself involved with two gigantic pieces that I had no chance of finishing. Adam and I split a bottle of white wine and a strawberry shortcake dessert before heading back to our room to watch the Duke-Butler championship game. We also polished off two bottles of Pinot Noir from my mom during the game. Then Duke won, and we went to sleep happy.

The next morning, we slept in and headed back out to the deck. We tried out the swinging chairs in the garden, disappointed there was nowhere to put our feet up as well. The pool was a bit chilly, so we sat out on the deck relaxing for our last few hours at the Standard.

We headed back into Miami Beach and walked down Ocean Boulevard to find some lunch before taking an obligatory beach photo. Adam really enjoyed the architecture, and it was so refreshing to be somewhere bright, sunny, and colorful again. March on the East Coast isn’t the most exciting time of year, and after New Zealand it can be a bit dismal. We had a great time at the Standard, looking forward to going back, and a great time in the sun.