Endless Summer Prep

Sitting out in the grass playing with Daphne, I had a moment. I realized that I would soon have to put away my flip flops and Lilly Pulitzer dresses for the winter. My Briar skirt has become one of my favorites, even though I bought it on a whim.

With its light and airy coloring and flexible fit, it’s easy to sit higher for a teeny waist look or lower for a more work-appropriate length. I’m not normally a fan of the (gasp!) elastic waistband, but this skirt is definitely an exception. The only thing it’s missing is pockets.

Paired with a custom button down I had made in SuZhou, pearls, and blush pink ballet flats, I could easily walk from my cubicle to happy hour. Instead I enjoyed a warm evening with my puppy.

Never Put a Lilly in the Dryer

As my collection of Lilly Pulitzer dresses grows, I’m doing my best to take good care of them. I almost only buy clothes that are 100% really nice cotton from Lilly, I love how crisp and comfortable they are. Plus I have several pieces that are office friendly. So I was super excited to wear this dress to work:

I didn’t want to mess around with the iron at 7am, so I decided to take a shortcut.

Let me just say this is one of my favorite dresses. I love wearing it, I get tons of compliments in it, and it’s just such a cool piece.

I doused my Taytay frock in Downey Wrinkle Releaser and stuck her in the dryer for 10 minutes.

Boy was that a $200 mistake.

She shrunk just enough to be tight around the edges and a tad too short. I seriously considered crying.

To try and coax the cotton fibers back to their elongated state I furiously sprayed Taytay with water trying to get her just damp enough that I could stretch the threads out of their shrink.

Then I let her sit overnight. I prayed, I had several glasses of wine, I completely forgot about her.
In the morning, I tried her back on. She was still too tight. I may be working out trying to tone up, but I’m never going to shrink up enough to make Taytay comfortable the way she used to be.

Now all I can do is try to throw her through a full wash cycle and see if that works better than my brute strength.

Anyone have any tips of other things I can try? I am just about to be desperate…

Help me washing machine, you’re my only hope.

A Splash of Pink

As Puppy gest closer to coming home (hopefully on Wednesday) we’re starting the process of puppy-proofing our lives.

Step one, designer digs. Unfortunately the adorable Party Patch dog collar/lead set:

that Lilly Pulitzer released a few years ago isn’t available anymore. What a bummer. Luckily, there are tons of other cute options. Vineyard Vines has this adorable America set that we’ll have to get for Fourth of July next year: 

There are also some adorable Whale and Sailboat ones that might have to get added to the collection later on. I’m also a fan of this adorable Sailor’s Knot style:

But really what it comes down to is the best two options. Thanks to Etsy seller LillyDuds for this gorgeous Navy Blue Bellina set:

and to Scooter for this adorable Lilly State of Mind set:

So now it just comes down to picking on. And getting a little matching bow to add on top.

We’ve also narrowed the list down to three names: Lilly, Carolina and Daphne. Not quite sure which we’ll pick yet, but I’m going to visit Puppy again today and hopefully that’ll help narrow it down. If you have thoughts, feel free to share!

I mean really, she’s just too cute for words: 

Just Released Lilly Pulitzer E-Cards!

Today stationary company cocodot announced their release of new Lilly Pulitzer e-cards. These great cards come in your favorite Lilly patterns and are ready for all occasions. 

While an e-card will never replace the courtesy and thought put into a hand-written note (Lilly makes note cards too), these e-cards do offer another fun, fantastic way to send out special messages to your friends, families, and co-workers. What will you use Lilly to say?

Cheers, Kate

Year of the Tiger 2010

This year, in honor of 2010’s Year of the Tiger, Barnum’s Animals Crackers has teamed up with an unusual partner – Lilly Pulitzer! I stumbled across a box of my favorite childhood snack unexpectedly in the Giant snack aisle near my office. Decked out in signature Lilly pink and green with authentic Lilly jungle animals playing across the box.

While I was a bit disappointed that the actual cracker’s hadn’t changed shape, it was nice to see such a great effort by two classic, niche brands. Both are arguably household names, though I’m sure the houses where Lilly Pulitzer is common place might not be the same as these treats, and they have teamed up to support the World Wildlife Foundation’s mission to rescue tigers across the world. According to the box, there are only 400 Sumatra tigers still in existence, with just over 3,000 tigers alive in the wild. Barnum’s is supporting the WWF with a $100,000 donation. And Lilly is sending its fans out across the country searching for these boxes. Good luck Lilly Lovers!

7(For All Mankind) LA Official Warehouse Sale

Today, fellow Eloner Kat and I checked out the first official 7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale, hosted by thewarehousesale.com. They had the west room in the LA Convention Center and used every bit of space.

I picked out a few things from the racks and tried my hand at a few summer trends. The first thing I picked up was an awesome pink silk tank with a great ruffle going up one shoulder. I paired it with a blue and white striped denim vest and Josephine skinny jeans.

Out of the twenty-five feet of shoes, I tried on this awesome canvas pair with salmon stripes. They were definitely a hit, since they weren’t very comfortable, and matched my J. Crew shorts perfectly.

I also found a pair of white distressed Roxanne jeans which I loved, but it’s no longer summer so I couldn’t justify buying them. I paired them with this awesome flowing top, in a delicate black and white print with a bow tied at the natural waist and cross straps in the back that I absolutely loved.

Somehow, these jeans didn’t make me to be quite as leggy as the other pairs of ultra-skinny 7’s I tried on.

I also tried this cute and trendy skirt with a flouncy sapphire blouse, with a fun bow under all the ruffles on the collar.

This was definitely a learning experience. After hearing about my college roommates adventures through the Lilly Pulitzer annual sale in PA, I came prepared for the communal dressing room and tried to keep an open mind. I love the first two outfits I put together and the shoes I pulled. If I wasn’t headed down under, I might have splurged on a few pieces. Maybe I can find them on eBay when I get back!