Weekly Newscap 8/20

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a newscap, so here are the gems from the office this week:

Monday: A very international news day. In Australia, an Aboriginal elder led police to…the wrong body? While in France, those vertically challenged can now serve on the police force. While on the home front, a 78 year old man takes a historic roller coaster ride and a poor bear cub is released from getting his head stuck inside the cookie jar.

Photo source.

Tuesday: The South was busy over the weekend. A skateboarding priest was converting the masses over the weekend, while a Mississippi woman got a different haircut than she asked for: a bald patch. Meanwhile, an Alabama man got his missing high school ring back after 14 years. It’s no laughing matter in North Carolina, a man was arrested for laughing in court and later found with three grams of cocaine.

Wednesday: Animal day. A pair of zebras took a stroll around Northern California, even swimming in a local pool. A Python was removed from duty – guaring a stash of cocaine in Rome. And a group of humboldt penguins spent the afternoon chasing a butterfly in Philly:

And in real news, women were yet again suffraging. Or well, suffraging for the right not to suffrage.

Thursday: Kids all over the world are flashing ATM users? And the Canadians are thinking like the Italians: use black bears to guard marijuana crops. The Huffington Post also claimed ‘Bears are the Best’ with this great slideshow, and Sarah Palin issued her list of ‘Mama Grizzlies,’ while simultaneously shocking us all with her stupidity.

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Today: The job seeker advice I received on Monday won’t come in handy after all (I didn’t get the job), and I fully plan on popping a whole bottle of Merlot. And the recycling the bottle so it doesn’t end up in the growing Atlantic Ocean Garbage Patch. And seriously, check your eggs to see if they match this recall by the USDA.

Happy Friday!


Jenna Kate

Back From the Nap…

So I wanted to apologize for my hiatus the last few days. I’ve been in a blogging nap, both from lack of inspiration and from being busy in real life (sort of). Here is a mini life-update:

Friday, we took our usual office outing to Murphy’s Irish Pub, where I of course followed along with The Unicorn Song, doing all the hand motions. I even went to bed at a sensible hour.

Saturday, I attempted to bleach my hair with good old-fashioned lemon juice

Photo source.

but alas the sun was not cooperating on the project. I also successfully organized my scrapbooking stuff, which I will begin to work on tonight. Then we had an office-sponsored Washington Nationals versus the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.


Photo source and source.

The Nats lost 2-9. And later that night, I attempted diplomacy with my fiance’s friends. I also learned that ‘tear-away jorts’ are in fact my biggest fear.

Photo source.

Sunday, I came into the office for a few hours to jumpstart some work for this week. My massive allergy attack that ensued prompted me to pop a Benadryl when I got home. I woke up several hours later with my best friend banging on my apartment door coming to borrow a dress for a wedding San Francisco this weekend.

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So now we are back at Monday. I have successfully tapped my beauty-product-obsessed sister for skin care advice, and will try to persuade her to write a few guest posts to share her knowledge with you. I have also scheduled a job interview for a position in Colorado starting in January, which means I don’t have to feel guilty going to Monument with Adam or about spending two months with him in China at the end of this year.

I have also decided to put John Frieda to the test. I’ve been unhappy with my hair color for a while now, and I’ve never dyed it (that’s right, 100% natural blonde here folks). So I’ll be testing out some of the JF products to see if they do in fact improve my blonde from a brassy corn field color back to a more champaign beach blonde shade. So keep posted for that project.

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Anything exciting happen yet on your Monday?


Jenna Kate

Weekly Newscap 7/9

Back on schedule for our weekly newscap. This week we had quite a few goodies, including this fantastic photo shoot for Vanity Fair from Annie Leibovitz.

(Monday we were closed) Tuesday: We were all still reeling from a very patriotic weekend. To help our communities we helped in a prison fundraiser, got into the Pittsburgh Zoo for $5 by sporting our mullets, and lost to the 16-time national pit spitting champion.

Source 1. Source 2.

Wednesday: Women all over are ruling the world, burning cash and getting a DUI for driving under the influence of vanilla extract. While men are told to just ‘cut your hair.’ 


Thursday: Our poor Paul had death threats from some Angry Argentinians for supposedly predicting Germany’s wins – and losses – during the FIFA World Cup. And we witnessed some passive aggressive fashion from Miss LiLo in court for violating her court order to go to counseling sessions.

Friday: Jesus was in the house. A New Hampshire water park has had a record summer after discovering their Lifeguard flag contained the face of Jesus. Then, an Alaska man attempts to walk on water to escape police, and a woman is held hostage after refusing to live Jesus’ Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Hollywood Hair in Real Life?

I love Elle. It’s like a 250-page piece of modern art encased in glitz and silk. An article today talked about how Hollywood is going long and luscious again.

I’ve been attempting to grow my hair out for almost a year now, and after a brief snafu (my last stylist cut my hair to a right-sided part instead of a left-sided part. oh well), I’m seriously debating extensions. I’ve never dyed my hair except for once or twice with wash-out dyes, so I’m not sure how synthetic locks will fit in with my own.

Of course the rich and famous, like Ashley Greene and Reese Witherspoon, don’t have to worry about that problem.

Here’s also a great Elle Video  about extension application. Maybe once they could use a blonde so I know what I’m getting into.

Have you ever tried over-the-counter extensions? Please share tips and recommendations for the chronically cropped.

Cheers, Kate.

A Silver Screen Soire

Clearly, I am working on being a bit more proactive about keep up with the trends. Today I became obsessed with Nonpareil Magazine’s June 2010 issue: A Silver Screen Soire.



I am totally obsessed with so many of the ideas in here. There’s a DIY for lanterns shaped like Lord of the Rings’ fireworks, table settings based on The Great Gatsby and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and three pages of chocolate-based recipes. I can’t wait to try out the Breakfast at Tiffany’s hair style and maybe do some baking. Great edition for some classic inspiration!

Cheers, Kate