Blue or Green

Most things about me are pretty obvious. I’m 5’10”. I’m blonde. I now need glasses to drive (thanks road trip from Colorado to Pennsylvania). One thing I never know how to answer is, “What is your eye color?”

“I don’t know,” I usually say, “you tell me!”

I come from a fair family. With a bit of Irish, Swedish, and Slovakian you could say my kids are destined to be beach blonde their entire lives. And I guess you could say my eyes are going greener as I get older, like my mom’s.

So why is it so hard to pin it down? Because we’re not Kelly green or emerald greens. We’re the green of the sea coming into a Caribbean island. Or the green of a Robin’s egg or a Tiffany’s box (well, maybe that’s a stretch).

Well, maybe not such a stretch. But as much as I’d love to put ‘Tiffany Blue’ as my eye color, I don’t think the DMV will go for that. So are they blue or green? I don’t know. But I do know I wouldn’t change it for even the best vampire eyes: