Model Fit

I’ve had a few fitness goals over the past few months that have been quite difficult to achieve. Not because they’re hard or unattainable, but because I have no self control thanks to this:

Yes, chocolate and I have had a long and complicated relationship. In New Zealand, Cadbury’s Caramello bars gave me a level of sanity 5,000 miles away from home. After a long day at work (or even during a long day at work) there is nothing better than a few chocolate cookies, some M&Ms, or a handfull of Rolos.

Well chocolate, it’s time we took a break.

I’ve never been one to complain about my body. Aside from being freakishly tall, I was always pretty comfortable in my own skin. Then last year I had the pleasure of living in China and being unable to stomach the food for two months. I lost 10 lbs. The stress of wedding planning kept most of that off, so I had a blissful year where I felt good, I looked really good, and I didn’t have to worry about what I ate. Now that we’re back into the daily grind and there’s nothing of epic proportions to keep my body in check, I have to be a bit more of a stickler about what goes into my body.

Ultimately I’d like to get to the point where I’m not even craving chocolate, but let’s be realistic. Chocolate is a food group in my family. That craving will never go away.

So watch for my upcoming Model Fit posts about clean eating, curbing my chocolate binges, and working out. All those Pins have to get put to use sometime, I might as well start now!

Labor Day and 101 Grilling Tips

With Labor Day just around the corner, one of the summer’s last opportunities to pull out the bar-be-que is almost here. I found this great list of grilling tips from NYT’s The Minimalist.

Photo source.

I picked a few good tips off the list so here’s a sampling below:

2. Best grilled artichokes: Cut artichokes in half, scoop out the choke, parboil until tender. Grill, cut-side down, until lightly browned; grill a couple of halved lemons, too. Combine the juice from the grilled lemons with melted butter and spoon over the artichokes. Finish with parsley.

33. Smear hanger, skirt, flatiron or other steak with mustard. Grill and serve with grilled shallots.

61. Odd, but good: Strawberries and cherry tomatoes kebabs, finished with basil-laced balsamic vinegar.

80. A chicken or turkey burger worth eating: Cook and chop bacon; mix with ground chicken (or turkey) and grill.


101. Actually, this is a drink: Skewer green olives, then char them a bit. These would be a good garnish for shrimp, chorizo or anything else. But instead, make yourself a fantastic dirty martini.

What will you be grilling up for Labor Day?


Jenna Kate

A Toast to your Health

After 5 months of Cadbury’s Caramello bars, returning to a healthy body has become really important to me. Self recently put out a list of ‘12 Cheap and Healthy Foods:’

– Brown rice
– Raisins
– Snap peas
– Green tea
– Broccoli
– Plain yogurt
– Bananas
– Black beans
– Whole-wheat penne
– Apples
– Lentils
– Sweet potatoes

The only problem for me is my allergy to yogurt, but otherwise not eating these foods would be a matter of personal preference. I love this list for lots of reasons. Sweet potatoes are my ultimate comfort food. From now on I’ll just have to watch the butter and cinnamon sugar I normally pile on top. I’m a fan of apples and bananas as well, and I think fresh fruit is really important. The thing is, I’m really not sure what the heck a lentil is. I’ve tried to look it up online, and from pictures it looks like a weird bean, but I still have no idea (pictured right). I did find interesting ideas for lentil soup, lentil salad, and lentil cookies (which look really healthy) on The Food Network. So between your yogurt snack pack and broccoli alfredo, you can have an afternoon treat that’s healthy for you. I also found a really yummy recipe for lamb kabob with broccoli lime rice. Something to try!