Top Etsy Finds: From Camper Vans to Cameos

Popular boutique shopping site Etsy posted up a list of the most popular items on their site. Here are my favorites from each of the categories:

Charms: 24k Gold Acorn necklace

$85 from GurKimel.

Campers: Vintage Camper Birdhouse


This item has already sold. I also like The Little Old Trailer desk caddy for $23.50.

Animal Prints: Lisbon Falls. Hand Blown Leopard Hanging Pendant with Chain and Canopy

$59 from Lamp Goods.

Salt: Jalapeno Lime Finishing Salt

This item has already been sold, but check out this seller’s other gourmet finishing salts and spice blends.

Folk and Bohemian: Victorian Ornament Flourishing Folk Porcelain Egg Cup

This item has already been sold. Check out other Victorian egg cups here. The seller VisuaLingual has some great graphic design and screen printing work. I love this ‘Cincinnati Is My Home’ print on vintage wallpaper:

$50 from VisuaLingual

Cameo: 1 dozen Silhouette Cookies

$30 by TabbyCat13.

Hope you enjoy all these fun finds and check out these cool Etsy companies!

Cheers, Kate

A Toast to your Health

After 5 months of Cadbury’s Caramello bars, returning to a healthy body has become really important to me. Self recently put out a list of ‘12 Cheap and Healthy Foods:’

– Brown rice
– Raisins
– Snap peas
– Green tea
– Broccoli
– Plain yogurt
– Bananas
– Black beans
– Whole-wheat penne
– Apples
– Lentils
– Sweet potatoes

The only problem for me is my allergy to yogurt, but otherwise not eating these foods would be a matter of personal preference. I love this list for lots of reasons. Sweet potatoes are my ultimate comfort food. From now on I’ll just have to watch the butter and cinnamon sugar I normally pile on top. I’m a fan of apples and bananas as well, and I think fresh fruit is really important. The thing is, I’m really not sure what the heck a lentil is. I’ve tried to look it up online, and from pictures it looks like a weird bean, but I still have no idea (pictured right). I did find interesting ideas for lentil soup, lentil salad, and lentil cookies (which look really healthy) on The Food Network. So between your yogurt snack pack and broccoli alfredo, you can have an afternoon treat that’s healthy for you. I also found a really yummy recipe for lamb kabob with broccoli lime rice. Something to try!