The World’s Largest

I subscribe to TravelZoo’s Top 20 weekly travel deals, and one caught my eye this week.

$899 — Balcony on World’s Largest Ship, plus $350 in Extras
Source: CruCon Cruise Outlet

When you click on it, the deal is for passage on TWO different ships, the Allure and Oasis, both on the Royal Caribbean line. Technically the Allure is two inches longer, though both ships have identical superstructures.

There have been a lot of world’s largest over the years, and you have to wonder when do we run out of room to grow. Here are few of my favorite world’s largest.

World’s Largest Easter Egg: Argentina
Can someone tell me how I can get this 27-feet-high, 8800 lbs egg into my house please?

World’s Largest Bottle of Wine: Italy
30 vineyards donated their entire 2009 vintages to fill this 510-liter bottle last year. I’m pretty sure I know a few good sorority girls who could help me polish it off.

World’s Largest Pinata: M&Ms
Cee Lo Green helped smash the world record for the largest pinata (now 46 feet tall) at the M&Ms celebration for Pretzel M&Ms last year. Really I just want to know where all the bags of candy went…

Now here are a few you can actually go visit:

World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle: Ivov, Ukraine
The squares look blank during the day, but the answers light up at night. Hunt around the city for the answers to clues then come back after dark to check how you did.

World’s Largest Chair: Manzano, Italy
This little town is in the heart of Italy’s hand-crafted furniture market. At over 60 feet high, this chair is almost twice the size of its American counterpart – a 33-foot tall office chair in Alabama.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool: Algarrobo, Chile
This nearly 20-acre pool sucks water directly in from the sea using a computer-controlled suction and filtration system and is bigger than 20 Olympic-sized pools. I think even Michael Phelps would get tired after swimming its 1,013 meter length. It even shows up on satellite.