Chewing Gum for the Eyes

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “TV is chewing gum for the eyes.” I completely agree. We’ve been doing a good job of cutting TV out of our lives. Unfortunately it’s football season, which means the TV doesn’t get a break. Luckily I can sneak away to play with the dog or zone out on the Interwebs while Adam obsesses over each GB pass.

At least I’m getting better about not watching as many shows all at the same time. So here’s my list of shows I just can’t seem to break up with:

Game of Thrones
Intrigue, war, and a few good looking cast members. It also doesn’t help that I’ve now read all five books and am going to be very very unhappy if GRRM doesn’t publish books six and seven before he dies. Yes, I have writer envy.

The Vampire Diaries
First off, TVD is set in Virginia, the home state I love to no longer live in. Add some killer fashion from Katherine and Caroline, a great soundtrack and Ian Somerhalder (I’ve only had a celeb crush on him since 2000’s Young Americans. Yes, I do remember the entire season). TVD also has a collection of hysterical Twitter feeds (CoolAuntJenna, TheGilbertPorch, and Salvatore Fireplace) that keep the days between episodes entertaining.

This show has got to have the best cast of actors that no one has ever heard of. What they lack in star wattage they make up for in snark, sass, and style. The girls are pretty cool too. If you haven’t seen this on its summer run, check it out when it comes back in December.

How I Met Your Mother
I’m pretty sure this needs no explaining. I got into HIMYM last year when Adam and I finally moved back to the States. While I’m no expert and I haven’t seen every episode, this show is funny, poignant, and a bit scary: I see a little bit of Adam and me in Marshall and Lilly. We’re only a few years younger than this crew. What mischief is going to befall us?

What shows can you not cut off your DVR?

The Art of Charm

Last weekend we went down to Washington, D.C. My hometown. My father recently had hip replacement surgery so we went to do some vacuuming, go to the grocery store, and of course introduce him to Daphne. He was a bit under-impressed with her.

Here he is walking me down the aisle. Thanks Sara for this gorgeous photo.

Then we headed into the city to see some of our closest friends. If we didn’t live in Philadelphia, we’d choose to live in D.C. if only because our best friends live there.

They loved Daphne.

One even went far enough to insist that he walk Daphne, carry her across intersections, and never let her out of his reach. Yes, Hardy was using Daphne to pick up girls.

I can’t say if he was successful or not, he chatted with many different women. And even a fellow gentleman stopped to ask what type of puppy she was. He was keen on getting one for himself.

Ladies, beware. Men are hunting us using our better judgement against us. They’ve been going to yoga class and films like Magic Mike just to meet us. And now, they’re using cuddly, lovable puppies.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Hardy did look pretty cute with that little furball on his arm.

The World

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am. Example one, I own a passport. Correction, I now own my second passport. My first was about to expire and I got married.

My mother has never owned a passport.
She has, however, supported me on almost all of my international expeditions. She got my first passport for me at age 16, when for some reason my uncle decided to send me on a school trip to France. We spent two weeks in the Nice area. Eating baguettes, using the sidewalks along the Riviera as a catwalk, and watching Chicago in French. I still to this day have not seen the entire film in English.

A few years later mom packed me up again, this time to Greece. I had just finished a class on the Trojan War in Literature, and I sucked in Athens, Delphi, Olympus and the Peloponnese like desert rain. Somehow I managed to skip the nightclubs and even tolerate the wine (Greece is definitely not known for it). My one regret is not coming home with any olive oil.

Then for graduation my father took me to Ireland. The rolling hills and mists of my ancestors–on both sides of my family. I regretted that she wasn’t with us, she would have enjoyed whiskey tasting at Jameson while my father begrudgingly took the photographs I asked for.

Only three months later I took off for five months flash packing in New Zealand. We spoke daily. When I came home, she sent me to Spain to see friends from college teaching in Malaga. Then, I left her again for China. Four continents later, we were planning my wedding across 12 time zones. I wish I had delegated more phone calls with vendors to her, since I had to take them all between 9pm and 1am.

There have been a few trips in between. Hosting my 7 friends and sorority sisters before our 5 day spring break in the Bahamas. Taking care of the wedding decorations while we honeymooned in Saint Lucia. And daydreaming about the trip to Paris we haven’t yet had the chance to take.

Someday soon we hope to take her to Paris. Maybe we’ll throw in a weekend in London and a stop over in Belgium for the heck of it.

Never Put a Lilly in the Dryer

As my collection of Lilly Pulitzer dresses grows, I’m doing my best to take good care of them. I almost only buy clothes that are 100% really nice cotton from Lilly, I love how crisp and comfortable they are. Plus I have several pieces that are office friendly. So I was super excited to wear this dress to work:

I didn’t want to mess around with the iron at 7am, so I decided to take a shortcut.

Let me just say this is one of my favorite dresses. I love wearing it, I get tons of compliments in it, and it’s just such a cool piece.

I doused my Taytay frock in Downey Wrinkle Releaser and stuck her in the dryer for 10 minutes.

Boy was that a $200 mistake.

She shrunk just enough to be tight around the edges and a tad too short. I seriously considered crying.

To try and coax the cotton fibers back to their elongated state I furiously sprayed Taytay with water trying to get her just damp enough that I could stretch the threads out of their shrink.

Then I let her sit overnight. I prayed, I had several glasses of wine, I completely forgot about her.
In the morning, I tried her back on. She was still too tight. I may be working out trying to tone up, but I’m never going to shrink up enough to make Taytay comfortable the way she used to be.

Now all I can do is try to throw her through a full wash cycle and see if that works better than my brute strength.

Anyone have any tips of other things I can try? I am just about to be desperate…

Help me washing machine, you’re my only hope.

It’s Fun-Gi’s

When we moved to the Philadelphia area, we did not realize we were moving just a few miles away from the Mushroom Capital of the World. And do I mean it. Kennett Square and the surrounding area products more than 50% of the mushrooms consumed in America. That’s a lot of fungus.

This weekend was the 27th annual Mushroom Festival. So of course we had to go.

Adam was super excited they had mushroom soup, made by the Kennett Square Inn. Despite it being 85 and sunny he tucked into a bowl.

Then we made our way into the Mushroom Growers Exhibit, where we saw all kinds of weird looking things. Mushrooms grow in only a few weeks. It was interesting to see the process of how they keep the fungi under control. Plus we got to pick mushrooms from a giant bed. I’m pretty sure that will be my first and last mushroom ever.

Unfortunately we missed the mushroom eating competition. Some poor fellow managed to gobble down FIVE POUNDS of deep friend mushrooms.

The Southern girl in me was tempted to try some, but I decided to wait for some ice cream instead.

After running the gammut, we stopped by the booths where we really found something we liked. We picked up a Raspberry Chipotle dip mix from one booth and a Pomegranite frozen wine cocktail mix from another. She was handing out shots and it was just delicious. Just y’all wait for our next party.

While we were walking around, we kept looking for the ATM. Little did we know it was on the move.

Both weird, clever and redneck all at the same time. It would have been better if you could actually read the screen, but the machines were from 1993.

On our way back towards the car, I just couldn’t help myself:

Then we hauled ourselves the four blocks to the parking lot. This sky was about to open up any second.

If only we had gotten in a little bit earlier so we could have taken a more leisurely pace. Except if you all know Adam’s stride, he struggles with leisurely (at least my leisurely) sometimes. Plus we both hate thick crowds so it’s doubtful we would have gone much slower in the earlier crush.

I would definitely recommend this festival if you’re new to the area. I’m not sure if we’ll go again next year, perhaps to see the cooking demonstrations. We missed those by pure bad luck. They also had some carnival attractions and lots of games, etc for the kids. So maybe in 10 years we’ll go back, if we have kids by then.

Here’s to our next local adventure!

Confession Tuesday

Tonight I had the dinner of champions: Sauvignon Blanc, rice with salt and butter, and chocolate cookie dough. That’s right, I’m tired, stressed out, and my husband isn’t home. But I’m still accountable for not eating anything healthier, which is why I’m writing it down.

It also doesn’t help that I have not been able to write in a few days. I keep letting my few free minutes slip me by and blaming walks with Daphne, exhaustion, or trying to get something done around the house. But really I have not fought hard enough to get the 20-30 minutes a day I need. At least we’ve been having some killer sunsets lately, like this one to the left.

Saturday we went to the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square. Apparently it’s the mushroom capital of the world. I’ll be posting on that tomorrow. Especially since the post has been half finished since Saturday (but I won’t get into that). Then Sunday we went to Rehoboth and spent three beautiful hours on a perfect beach. Big waves, crystal blue sky, and dolphins just off shore.

Really, I should have posted this photo without a filter. We met up with an old sorority sister of mine Alicia, who I’m having a good time reconnecting with after about five years. Then while Adam watched the painful Green Bay / San Francisco game, I spent some quality time on the treadmill and watching Daphne be enthralled with my ab workout.

Then with 7pm Yoga Flow last night, nothing ended up happening. Tonight Adam is in Indianapolis for a conference with work, so I am playing Pack Master. Needless to say, I’m failing miserably. At least she is going both up and down our entire staircase on her own. Finally!!!



Write Anywhere

One of the biggest things I’ve struggled with is finding time to write. But really, I can write anywhere.

Like right now I’m writing from the parking lot sitting in my car using Siri. Because I’m an iPhone-a-holick I always have something to write on with me, no matter where I am.

Sure I’ll go back and edit it later from a computer before I post this, but it’s still important to remember that if there’s something you’re passionate about, find even a few minutes to fit it into your daily schedule.

It’s been a busy few days for us, especially here on the blog. If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been writing like crazy.

Last night we went into downtown Philly to Triumph Brewing Company for an Elon alumni happy hour. It was great to connect with some old friends and make a few new ones. I’m so excited about getting involved as an alumni, supporting my school and our admissions staff, and showing potential students how baller Elon is.

Hopefully as things get settled I’ll be able to get involved in more things. I’m on the board for the Alpha Chi Omega alumni chapter as social chair. I’d love to get involved with Junior League here, and really I need to get my DAR membership sorted out. I can only imagine how awesome it is to be a member here in Philly with so much history.

So now that you’ve had my little life update, find time for something that you love today.