This blog has gone through quick a few changes over the last few years. It started as a travel blog while I backpacked in New Zealand. Then I came home and didn’t have anything exciting going on and became a bit of a workaholic (not by choice).

When we went to China, I was busy wedding planning and trying to find food that my stomach could handle. Plus the archaic state of the Internet behind the Great Firewall of China made doing anything online frustrating.

Coming home from China we were in full wedding mode. Six months to sort everything out, hope my dress came in on time, and make lots of decisions, some of which were extremely last minute. I didn’t want to share too much before the big day, so I wrote about the things I could when I could. At this point we were in Colorado. I had horrible allergy problems plus several minor illnesses, combined with lots of stress meant not so much writing.

At Christmas I started writing for TheCelebrityCafe.com, and that kept me pretty busy. Outside of work and skiing, I was writing for them almost daily, taking up any extra time or energy I’d have to blog. So I let myself off the hook aside from a few big things. I only wish I had written more about my journey learning to ski. Hopefully as we go this upcoming winter I’ll be able to revisit some of those trials.

Fast forward another six months and we’d moved again, this time to Philadelphia. We’re hoping to put down some roots and hang out here for a while. Summer came and until we got Daphne at the beginning of August, I didn’t have my motivation. Then, she gave me something to start writing about, and I’m back in full swing.

So where does that leave us now? I’ll be writing about raising Daphne, as a first-time dog owner I’m sure there’ll be great stories. We’re hoping to make her a YouTube channel with her “Feats of Strength.” I’m also finally getting in shape. One of the biggest struggles learning to ski was my lack of muscle. If I had taken time before the season to get in shape, then maybe I wouldn’t have cried on quite as many days from the burn in my legs. So keep  up with my Model Fit posts. I’ll also be posting about whatever I feel like. What is or isn’t inspiring me. A few fashion ideas here and there. My battle with my dedication, motivation, and wanting so badly to write something brilliant. If I could only spend the day in George RR Martin’s head…

Join me on this journey, and I’ll try not to disappoint.

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