hello september

Summer is almost officially over. While I’m not sad to see the oppressive heat disappear, I am sad we never made it to the beach. After spending Memorial Day in Southampton we just never found another opportunity.

Now that I’ve had my moment, I wanted to touch back on the August Photo-A-Day challenge that I semi-successfully participated in. I managed 17 out of 31. Not too bad for my first go-around.

1.  2.  3.  4.
5.  6.  8.  9.
11.  14.  15.  17.
18.  20.  22.  23.

I didn’t do them all on the exact right day, but I got quite a few done. Really it’s just hard to remember which is on which day. Something I’ll work on for September, which I’ve already done 1 and 2 for.

August was a monumental month. We got a puppy, and we’re slowly building our lives around her. She’s settling in with us too. It’s been a lot of fun, a little frustrating, and a few sleep-deprived nights, but I’m so glad we have her. She’s a great lesson in patience and she gets us out of the house a bit more. With all the traveling we’ve been doing it’s easy to just sit in front of the TV and waste the whole weekend away trying to unwind. Now we take her for walks and go on adventures.

So here’s September’s Photo-A-Day challenge from FatMumSlim:

Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow back. Here’s to a photogenic September.

Letters and Inspiration

So I’m sorry for the hiatus. Again. I really need to get my act together and stop apologizing. Ok, I’m not sorry I took 3 weeks off blogging. I needed a break and something to inspire me. Yes, I believe in Muses, but thankfully they don’t rollerskate or wear shredded jersey dresses like Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.


But I did find a new movie to add to my favorites list (The Princess Bride, all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean, Chris Pine’s Star Trek, Keira Knightly’s Pride and Prejudice, The Holiday, seeing a trend?): Letters to Juliet. Amanda Seyfried is not one of my favorite actresses. I thought Mamma Mia! was horrible (sorry Meryl). But Seyfried delivers as a wanna-be journalist searching the Italian countryside in hopes of rekindling a 50-years-dormant romance. Molto romantico.


I respect two things about Seyfried’s character: first she is a fact checker for the New York Times. She is awesome enough to work for that hallowed publication, but I can totally relate to the misery of verifying other people’s work while secretly dreaming of something bigger. Secondly, she follows her own advice. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it’s always refreshing to see someone live how they preach.

It also doesn’t hurt this film that Christopher Egan (cold, emotionless Brit Charlie) is a total fox:


I wonder what my Shakespeare professor would say about such an iconic character like Juliet taking on a completely modern occupation, even if it is through her secretaries. If you have doubts, just grab the girls, some cheap red wine and enjoy!


Jenna Kate


I wanted to share a few fun links today from across the web. The first is an interesting event blog called The Pink Toast. You can read about Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah in 5 installments, but here’s a sneak peak:

I can only imagine what this 13-year-old will grow up thinking about her wedding. I wish there was a way to check back in 10 or 15 yaers from now…

On to our next link, The Knotty Bride posted up a brief article on lingerie which was mildly inspiring. Alison led me to a great new online shop asos from the UK. They have dresses from £15 to £250 (about $30 – $500) I did find this cute jersey dress I’d love to have for the holidays:

and at £26, it’s not at a bad price either. And along with this great jumpsuit (which doesn’t look like a jumpsuit at all):

at £50, I’d sure make my British friends proud for at least stepping away from my pearls and cardis.

And of course, last night’s Emmy Awards has people talking fashion. This Oscar de la Renta on Lea Michele from GLEE made me a little giddy and Emily Blunt’s flowing Christian Dior one-shoulder dress wished I had my other half around to float around in a bedsheet pretending to be a Grecian goddess. InStyle of course has a great gallery up of photos from the red carpet.

Hopefully this has give you a bit of inspiration for a happy Monday!


Jenna Kate

Love is in the Air?

This summer has definitely been a big one for romance. In June, a classmate of mine Andrea got married in Greensboro, and yesterday Southern Weddings posted photos of her wedding shot by Abigail Seymour. I love the classic monogram:

and these adorable Elon cupcakes:

and who could resist these traditional North Carolina favors: Krispy Kreme doughnuts in adorable boxes reading “Glazed and delicious from the new Mr. & Mrs.” So precious!

Next to their cute favor boxes, I just had to leave this great photo of Andrea throwing her bouquet. Check out more photos in the Southern Weddings post and on Abigail Seymour’s blog. Congratulations! I can’t wait to borrow some of your fabulous ideas!

In July, Adam and I went to Jake & Kim’s wedding down in Durham. You saw a photo peek here, and here’s a snapshot of me and Adam all dressed to the nines:

and I snagged this adorable photo of the happy couple off Facebook (all my pictures were blurry thanks to the ambient low lighting and my point & shoot camera) thanks to Brian Mullins Photography:

There are some amazing shots up on Brian’s blog! I love how you can see the reflection of Kim and Jake in the piano. So classic! And to top it all off, the next day, Adam proposed in the Duke Gardens!

Then in the last two weeks, I had two sorority sisters get engaged as well. Congratulation Lisa and Alison! You can read Alison’s adorable engagement story here. And to top it off, The Wedding Chicks are giving away customized DIY wedding invitations with this classic bicycle built for two design:

Photo source.

Just enter in your info, pick your colors, and each file will be emailed to your address. Get your invitations here.

So all this romance has to make a girl wonder, is there more in the summer air than just humidity?


Jenna Kate

Back From the Nap…

So I wanted to apologize for my hiatus the last few days. I’ve been in a blogging nap, both from lack of inspiration and from being busy in real life (sort of). Here is a mini life-update:

Friday, we took our usual office outing to Murphy’s Irish Pub, where I of course followed along with The Unicorn Song, doing all the hand motions. I even went to bed at a sensible hour.

Saturday, I attempted to bleach my hair with good old-fashioned lemon juice

Photo source.

but alas the sun was not cooperating on the project. I also successfully organized my scrapbooking stuff, which I will begin to work on tonight. Then we had an office-sponsored Washington Nationals versus the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.


Photo source and source.

The Nats lost 2-9. And later that night, I attempted diplomacy with my fiance’s friends. I also learned that ‘tear-away jorts’ are in fact my biggest fear.

Photo source.

Sunday, I came into the office for a few hours to jumpstart some work for this week. My massive allergy attack that ensued prompted me to pop a Benadryl when I got home. I woke up several hours later with my best friend banging on my apartment door coming to borrow a dress for a wedding San Francisco this weekend.

Photo source.

So now we are back at Monday. I have successfully tapped my beauty-product-obsessed sister for skin care advice, and will try to persuade her to write a few guest posts to share her knowledge with you. I have also scheduled a job interview for a position in Colorado starting in January, which means I don’t have to feel guilty going to Monument with Adam or about spending two months with him in China at the end of this year.

I have also decided to put John Frieda to the test. I’ve been unhappy with my hair color for a while now, and I’ve never dyed it (that’s right, 100% natural blonde here folks). So I’ll be testing out some of the JF products to see if they do in fact improve my blonde from a brassy corn field color back to a more champaign beach blonde shade. So keep posted for that project.

Photo source.

Anything exciting happen yet on your Monday?


Jenna Kate

Features: Novels and Photos

Thanks to TrèsSugar, I have two really fun features to share with you.

The first is their Summer Reading List: 20 Smart Chick-Lit Novels. I’ve read several of these titles including Lipstick Jungle, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Pact, and have had others on my must-read list for a while: Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

The great this about this list is the inclusion of less-well-known authors like Melissa Bank, Rita Ciresi, and Dixie Cash, so there are some new faces to befriend these last few days of summer.

TrèsSugar has also blessed us with this fantastic spread of film inspired Engagement Photo Shoots. Granted, two of my top five favorite movies of all time are included in this list: timeless romance from The Notebook, and tragic desire from Atonement.  Here are my favorite photos from the shoots as posted on TrèsSugar:



Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

The Notebook:

and Alice in Wonderland:

Have you seen other movie-inspired photo shoots? What other films do you think would make a great inspiration for engagement photos like these? Happy photo hunting!


Jenna Kate