Chewing Gum for the Eyes

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “TV is chewing gum for the eyes.” I completely agree. We’ve been doing a good job of cutting TV out of our lives. Unfortunately it’s football season, which means the TV doesn’t get a break. Luckily I can sneak away to play with the dog or zone out on the Interwebs while Adam obsesses over each GB pass.

At least I’m getting better about not watching as many shows all at the same time. So here’s my list of shows I just can’t seem to break up with:

Game of Thrones
Intrigue, war, and a few good looking cast members. It also doesn’t help that I’ve now read all five books and am going to be very very unhappy if GRRM doesn’t publish books six and seven before he dies. Yes, I have writer envy.

The Vampire Diaries
First off, TVD is set in Virginia, the home state I love to no longer live in. Add some killer fashion from Katherine and Caroline, a great soundtrack and Ian Somerhalder (I’ve only had a celeb crush on him since 2000’s Young Americans. Yes, I do remember the entire season). TVD also has a collection of hysterical Twitter feeds (CoolAuntJenna, TheGilbertPorch, and Salvatore Fireplace) that keep the days between episodes entertaining.

This show has got to have the best cast of actors that no one has ever heard of. What they lack in star wattage they make up for in snark, sass, and style. The girls are pretty cool too. If you haven’t seen this on its summer run, check it out when it comes back in December.

How I Met Your Mother
I’m pretty sure this needs no explaining. I got into HIMYM last year when Adam and I finally moved back to the States. While I’m no expert and I haven’t seen every episode, this show is funny, poignant, and a bit scary: I see a little bit of Adam and me in Marshall and Lilly. We’re only a few years younger than this crew. What mischief is going to befall us?

What shows can you not cut off your DVR?


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