The Art of Charm

Last weekend we went down to Washington, D.C. My hometown. My father recently had hip replacement surgery so we went to do some vacuuming, go to the grocery store, and of course introduce him to Daphne. He was a bit under-impressed with her.

Here he is walking me down the aisle. Thanks Sara for this gorgeous photo.

Then we headed into the city to see some of our closest friends. If we didn’t live in Philadelphia, we’d choose to live in D.C. if only because our best friends live there.

They loved Daphne.

One even went far enough to insist that he walk Daphne, carry her across intersections, and never let her out of his reach. Yes, Hardy was using Daphne to pick up girls.

I can’t say if he was successful or not, he chatted with many different women. And even a fellow gentleman stopped to ask what type of puppy she was. He was keen on getting one for himself.

Ladies, beware. Men are hunting us using our better judgement against us. They’ve been going to yoga class and films like Magic Mike just to meet us. And now, they’re using cuddly, lovable puppies.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Hardy did look pretty cute with that little furball on his arm.


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