The World

Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am. Example one, I own a passport. Correction, I now own my second passport. My first was about to expire and I got married.

My mother has never owned a passport.
She has, however, supported me on almost all of my international expeditions. She got my first passport for me at age 16, when for some reason my uncle decided to send me on a school trip to France. We spent two weeks in the Nice area. Eating baguettes, using the sidewalks along the Riviera as a catwalk, and watching Chicago in French. I still to this day have not seen the entire film in English.

A few years later mom packed me up again, this time to Greece. I had just finished a class on the Trojan War in Literature, and I sucked in Athens, Delphi, Olympus and the Peloponnese like desert rain. Somehow I managed to skip the nightclubs and even tolerate the wine (Greece is definitely not known for it). My one regret is not coming home with any olive oil.

Then for graduation my father took me to Ireland. The rolling hills and mists of my ancestors–on both sides of my family. I regretted that she wasn’t with us, she would have enjoyed whiskey tasting at Jameson while my father begrudgingly took the photographs I asked for.

Only three months later I took off for five months flash packing in New Zealand. We spoke daily. When I came home, she sent me to Spain to see friends from college teaching in Malaga. Then, I left her again for China. Four continents later, we were planning my wedding across 12 time zones. I wish I had delegated more phone calls with vendors to her, since I had to take them all between 9pm and 1am.

There have been a few trips in between. Hosting my 7 friends and sorority sisters before our 5 day spring break in the Bahamas. Taking care of the wedding decorations while we honeymooned in Saint Lucia. And daydreaming about the trip to Paris we haven’t yet had the chance to take.

Someday soon we hope to take her to Paris. Maybe we’ll throw in a weekend in London and a stop over in Belgium for the heck of it.


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