It’s Fun-Gi’s

When we moved to the Philadelphia area, we did not realize we were moving just a few miles away from the Mushroom Capital of the World. And do I mean it. Kennett Square and the surrounding area products more than 50% of the mushrooms consumed in America. That’s a lot of fungus.

This weekend was the 27th annual Mushroom Festival. So of course we had to go.

Adam was super excited they had mushroom soup, made by the Kennett Square Inn. Despite it being 85 and sunny he tucked into a bowl.

Then we made our way into the Mushroom Growers Exhibit, where we saw all kinds of weird looking things. Mushrooms grow in only a few weeks. It was interesting to see the process of how they keep the fungi under control. Plus we got to pick mushrooms from a giant bed. I’m pretty sure that will be my first and last mushroom ever.

Unfortunately we missed the mushroom eating competition. Some poor fellow managed to gobble down FIVE POUNDS of deep friend mushrooms.

The Southern girl in me was tempted to try some, but I decided to wait for some ice cream instead.

After running the gammut, we stopped by the booths where we really found something we liked. We picked up a Raspberry Chipotle dip mix from one booth and a Pomegranite frozen wine cocktail mix from another. She was handing out shots and it was just delicious. Just y’all wait for our next party.

While we were walking around, we kept looking for the ATM. Little did we know it was on the move.

Both weird, clever and redneck all at the same time. It would have been better if you could actually read the screen, but the machines were from 1993.

On our way back towards the car, I just couldn’t help myself:

Then we hauled ourselves the four blocks to the parking lot. This sky was about to open up any second.

If only we had gotten in a little bit earlier so we could have taken a more leisurely pace. Except if you all know Adam’s stride, he struggles with leisurely (at least my leisurely) sometimes. Plus we both hate thick crowds so it’s doubtful we would have gone much slower in the earlier crush.

I would definitely recommend this festival if you’re new to the area. I’m not sure if we’ll go again next year, perhaps to see the cooking demonstrations. We missed those by pure bad luck. They also had some carnival attractions and lots of games, etc for the kids. So maybe in 10 years we’ll go back, if we have kids by then.

Here’s to our next local adventure!


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