21 Days to a Habit

Wow, I almost just typed ’21 Days to a Hobbit.’ Ok maybe I’m not quite that tired, but I am trying to stick to my guns and write something every day.

Frodo Baggins finishing 'The Lord of the Rings'

I need to get better about writing in the evening and posting in the morning, so what I was going to write tonight you’ll get tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this paragraph from my short story and feel free to leave any type of criticism, except that I named one of the characters after my dog. That is off limits.

Daphne walked onto the sand and leaned against the rotting wood. She was visiting her parents, yes they were still in the old place. She didn’t mention John. Rob ran a finger up her ribcage, counting each bone through her cotton dress. She held in a jitter along her shoulder blades, felt her toes spreading into the sand like roots. Those deep blue eyes were almost black away from the lights of the party. She felt one vagabond curl against her forehead, fingers along her jaw and down behind her bicep drawing her in.

Feel free to tell me where Daphne and Rob should end up, because at the moment I have Daphne popping pills while Rob eats waffles with her entire family. I think there’s room for improvement. Note: I only have 1000 words (I’m submitting to a competition).

Also, please enjoy this very entertaining cat video. When Daphne heard it she went crazy trying to find where the cat was coming from. She has yet to figure it out…


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