The Most Uneventful Holiday Weekend

Here at Club Nels we had the most uneventful holiday weekend ever. Our friends were busy- in Atlanta, at the Bruce Springsteen concert, going to Jay Z’s Made in America, at the beach. We were busy too- taking epic naps (and I mean 3-4 hour epic naps), reading A Dance with Dragons, writing a bit, and doing laundry. Oh, and of course baking chocolate chip cookies and then eating them all before the weekend was over (there goes my sugar-free lifestyle. Starting over tomorrow!). And snuggling with Daphne.

Last night we stopped by The Station Taproom for an early supper. We’ve heard lots of good things from the locals and finally decided to try it out. They have an impressive and constantly-changing beer selection; Hubby settled on a pale ale while I chose a wheat.

Both were delicious. Then we tucked into the menu.

The chef at the Taproom is originally from London but spent quite a bit of time down in the deep south. From renowned Shrimp and Grits to perfect beer-battered Fish and Chips, this place is my friend Chelsea’s deepest dream. We ordered the burger of the day, veal with a berry compote, and the fried green tomato BLT sandwich, both with Truffle fries. These must be the only french fries I’ve ever had that actually taste good microwaved the next day.

Hubby with his Veal Burger with Berry Compote and Truffle Fries

My yummy Fried Green Tomato BLT with Truffle Fries

As usual, he did much better on his dinner than I did on mine:

After dinner, we made a quick stop by RedBox to pick up The Hunger Games. We saw it in theaters, and Hubby graciously let me rent it again. We had a “One Year Anniversary” rental which made our Blu-Ray 39 cents. Win.

To make up for my boring movie choice, we swung by local brewery Victory to refill our growler. I even let him pick up some St. Boisterous, which once I got a taste I liked better than the Victory Pale Ale.

Then putting my epic naps to good use, I stayed up until 1 am working on a short story. The ending is horrible, but it’s not too bad for not touching fiction since my Senior Sem days as a Creative Writing major. I know I don’t mention that part much, but I loved spending my senior year laying under the oak trees at Elon listening to poetry and pretending to know something that Joyce or Whitman or Fitzgerald might have known. I also did a bit of editing for TheCelebrityCafe which totally made me happy.

It wouldn’t have been the perfect uneventful weekend without a bit of Harry Potter thrown in. 1, part of 7 and 8. Not exactly the most comprehensive marathon, but at least I hit on the main points. I really should have thrown in parts of 3 while I was at it, but I just didn’t have time to hang out in Azkaban.

When I tell people I went to boarding school, I tell them I went to Hogwarts Lite. At Foxcroft we had houses, colors, chants, and inter-house competition. I was also a Prefect, just like Percy, Ron, Hermione and Draco. Our dining hall may not have had an enchanted ceiling, but we did have a smoker big enough for several full pigs. Much more practical in the South.

So now that I’ve gotten off on a complete tangent, I hope you too had a good holiday weekend and that waking up tomorrow isn’t too difficult. I’ll have a harder time leaving Daphne.


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