Sunday Funday

The other day I came across an interesting infographic:

Click here for the full size. Wine Folly is an interesting site, one I think my friend Brittany should work for should she choose to leave our Alma Matter behind.

Taking the quiz, I chose the following path:

Personal Use > At Home > Not Alone > With Dinner > Wine is Not the Main Course > Dinner is Not from the Microwave > Not Cooking with Wine > Yes, of course Kool Aid Man > ARGENTINIAN MALBEC

This just happens to be my and my husband’s favorite red wine. Score 1 for accuracy.

Malbec is a great dry-ish red wine that comes exclusively from South America. Since the is the only continent besides Africa I have left to visit, I count it as cultural research. Malbec’s are sweet, typically a little chocolatey and should leave a satisfied but slightly tart aftertaste. If this isn’t the case, make sure you didn’t accidentally end up with a Merlot or a ‘mixed red.’ (Personally, what is the point in mixing it all together? That’s why there are different vintages in the first place, but I’m not a sommelier.)

I thought I would give the chart another go. Repeat the same steps up until Cooking with Wine (Answer: Yes) and you get SAUVIGNON BLANC. My favorite white wine now that I’ve gotten over my Riesling and Pinot Grigio phases. Much too sweet for daily consumption.

The best part of this chart is that if you are cooking from a microwave or ordering dinner from a drive-through window both answers lead to 3 LITER BOXED WINE. While Franzia and I were acquaintances in college, I love that a legitimate wine site is recommending we rekindle our friendship. If Franzia came in either Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc I would seriously consider it.

So while we’re out enjoying brunch and Mimosa’s (which is not on the list, surprising. Shouldn’t champagne count as a type of wine? Come on, how can you have ‘folly’ without champagne!), what wine should you be drinking tonight?

Disclaimer: if you find yourself drinking alone, please Skype me.


One thought on “Sunday Funday

  1. It looks like you had fun with the chart. You may well enjoy Malbec, it is almost always easy to enjoy. Just for clarification, you seem to be using the word sweet where many others would use the word fruity. Technically, sweet means there is sugar in the wine. With “dry” red wines, the ones that are not meant to be sweet, the amount of sugar is very low, below the ability of most people to notice. Malbecs are fruity yes, but very rarely sweet. They are also not exclusive to South America. One of the 5 blending grapes of Bordeaux in France, Malbec is planted around the world, but it is in Argentina that it has been the greatest success. If you do come to visit Argentina, look me up, I will show you around a bit and make sure you get your fill of Malbec.

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