hello september

Summer is almost officially over. While I’m not sad to see the oppressive heat disappear, I am sad we never made it to the beach. After spending Memorial Day in Southampton we just never found another opportunity.

Now that I’ve had my moment, I wanted to touch back on the August Photo-A-Day challenge that I semi-successfully participated in. I managed 17 out of 31. Not too bad for my first go-around.

1.  2.  3.  4.
5.  6.  8.  9.
11.  14.  15.  17.
18.  20.  22.  23.

I didn’t do them all on the exact right day, but I got quite a few done. Really it’s just hard to remember which is on which day. Something I’ll work on for September, which I’ve already done 1 and 2 for.

August was a monumental month. We got a puppy, and we’re slowly building our lives around her. She’s settling in with us too. It’s been a lot of fun, a little frustrating, and a few sleep-deprived nights, but I’m so glad we have her. She’s a great lesson in patience and she gets us out of the house a bit more. With all the traveling we’ve been doing it’s easy to just sit in front of the TV and waste the whole weekend away trying to unwind. Now we take her for walks and go on adventures.

So here’s September’s Photo-A-Day challenge from FatMumSlim:

Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow back. Here’s to a photogenic September.


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