Back to School

Today was the first day of school in Chester County, and I’d imagine most of PA. While Daphne isn’t heading off to school, it does have me thinking. Will we be those ‘emotionally wrecked’ parents sending Junior off to kindergarten?

Knowing me, yes.

Last week I cried (on the inside) because Daphne is big enough to climb the stairs and jump off the couch. Her legs are getting longer, she’s more confident, and she’s starting to get into trouble. While I’d love to say I’ll be one of those strong parents who doesn’t let growing up take its toll, I know I’ll be missing those glory days when our kids are young, impressionable, and can’t stand to be away from Momma and Daddy.

While I know kids are the far off future, it is important to think about these types of things. Just think how much worse it would be to have the first day of school sprung on me. At least I’ll have a few years to mentally and emotionally prepare.

Note: I wanted to post a photo of me on my first day of kindergarten. Unfortunately my mother has recently moved and can’t find it. I’ll be sure to share some elementary embarrassment as soon as it’s available.

Jen's first day of kindergarten


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