The Water Dog

Last Saturday we took Daphne to nearby Marsh Creek State Park. We had a LivingSocial voucher for kayaking, so we thought we should start introducing her to water sports early.

She loves going to the park because everyone who passes us bends to pet her, play with her, pick her up, and otherwise indulge her excessive need for attention.

Once we were all loved up, we went down to pick out our kayak. Needless to say she was a bit shy about approaching the water.

We set off, heading out into the lake towards to distant shore. The boat guys told us it would be easier coming back because of the wind. We’re not entirely sure it was. But we headed in that direction, eager to see what lay around the corner.

Daphne settled in, first on my lap then on Adam’s.
Eyeing the water with curiosity, she soon grew bored. She couldn’t run the length of the kayak like she wanted to, and consigned to wimper under the sun. We did our best to make her comfortable, shading her with a tshirt and giving her cupped hands filled with cool lake water to wet her throat.

As we entered a branch of the lake, the clouds began to cover us and give Daphne a much-needed break from the sun. Dogs only sweat out of their nose and their paws, so all that fur gets hot pretty fast. Testing her sea legs, I held her out over the water so her paws could skim the surface. She was uninterested–a better emotion than the terror I imagined she would feel at this massive body of water.

Finally I found the perfect spot for her. Comfortable, secure, and out of the way of our paddling:

She slept the rest of the ride, not even noticing the other boats passing by. For as active of a dog as she is, I expected a bit more of a reaction. Hopefully when we take her out on a sail boat and there’s some room to roam she’ll get a bit more involved. And hopefully she’ll learn how to swim before she outgrows her life jacket. Yes, that is a puppy life jacket she’s wearing. Gotta love the pink polkadots. People still asked if she was a boy or girl puppy. Apparently pink wasn’t enough of a clue.


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