War Paint

I’m sorry this post seems a bit dated. I meant to put it up last Friday, but things just got away from me. I’ll be posting out Daphne’s first kayaking trip tomorrow!

Flash back to last week:

Thursday when I woke up I picked out my “most responsible looking ensemble” as Cher Horowitz would say. Something casual to fit in with Jeans Month while still looking responsible, serious and professional. Silk J.Crew sleeveless blouse, dark skinny jeans, new bffs Lilly Pulitzer gold/tan wedges. Plus a heap of good luck jewelry: my Irish harp charm, pearl earrings, the pearl and bow bracelet I wore on our wedding day, and even wrapped my Greek chain from a monastery in Meteora with the turtle charm from Delphi. I would have all the gods on my side to meet with the CMO of my company.

For those of you who don’t know I’ve been temping for an online retailer (I’ll keep from name dropping as this is a personal blog). They’ve asked me to stay on full time, but the position isn’t quite in line with my career goal: writing. I put on my ‘war paint’ which has now grown to include some awesome eyeliner thanks to my new glasses, and prepared for the meeting. Then it didn’t happen.

So, today I prepared for attempt number two at securing my career future. Ruffled ikat blouse, white jeans, same trusted (and wicked comfortable) LP wedges. Trade out for some gold bow Kate Spade earrings, a simple gold chain and my Greek gold necklace plus a few bangles. A bit noisier, but still confident.

I had no idea what to expect for this meeting, and I was completely caught off balance. Not in a bad way at all, it was just a totally different direction than I expected. But that isn’t a bad thing. Our meeting went well and gave me a lot to think about over the weekend while I’m catching up on a whole summer’s worth of tanning and taking Daphne on her first kayaking trip.

Regardless of the outcome of my decision, I definitely appreciated having pieces in my wardrobe that made me feel confident. I am a successful professional (at least by the 25-year-old who graduated in the employment hellhole of 2009 standards) and I’m ready to take the next step. Plus, my backup plan is pretty kick ass.

So while I’m not sure if things will work out, nothing is guaranteed after all, it would be pretty awesome if they did. My career path just got pitched a curve ball and is aiming for a home run. Cross your fingers for me.


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