1 Reason Not to Monogram Everything

Sometimes it’s really great to know that you have friends who know you so intimately they are the only ones to make you laugh while your coworkers are relentlessly hounding you.

Exhibit A:
Chel: How did they know it was yours?
Me: I put my initials on it.
Chel: LOL that monogramming gets you every time.

Now here’s the rewind.

Knowing that the fridge at work is slightly sub-par at fast chilling, I stuck a 12oz Coke Zero in the freezer. I knew it would be 2 hours exactly before it exploded. Perfect, it’s 1:00 pm, I’m leaving on my lunch break. It’ll be nice and cold when I’m back in an hour.


In the meantime, my innoculous can of Coke had managed to fall off its shelf in the freezer and roll into the dip of the freezer door. When a coworker opened said freezer door, the can dropped like a brick.

But instead of just busting open and spilling gracefully, this can decided to show off.

It spun like a top, spraying caffeine all over the break room. Which is 10 feet wide by about 20 feet long.

It got on the tables, on all the chairs, I’m sure even up on the walls and the windows and maybe a few spots on the ceiling. And I proceeded to get hounded the rest of the afternoon.

Now in my defense, I had no way of knowing that the can was going to get knocked off its secure spot on the shelf and roll out, or even stopping it from doing so. It’s not really my fault.

I did manage to provide most of the office with some cheap entertainment. We’re only sad that the security camera didn’t seem to catch the action. That would have been an instant YouTube hit.

From now on, I’m monogramming someone else’s initials on my goods so I can’t be blamed for future Night Fox activities.

Monograms. They get you every time.


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