Help I’m Alive

The real world sometimes gets in the way of the muses. This whole week I’ve been trying to write, trying to find ten minutes here, twenty at the doctor’s office, five on my lunch break, and it’s just not happening.

Coming into work this morning on 93.5 or whatever the station is they do throwback Friday. I feel like I’ve had a jolt of adrenaline and now the concept of simmering down into work mode is a struggle. This whole week I have felt alive, not in the literal or metaphorical or grammatical sense, but in the sense that my brain had locked a part of itself away and is finally opening the door. I finally have a career path in mind and a backup plan that will not only play to my strengths but will give me the things that I’m looking for out of life. Win-win. My blood is pumping not only for the sake of supplying my organs with needed nutrients but to fuel that which I have desperately hoped for: something to write about.

Wow, that seems so philosophical, you may be saying while rolling your eyes. I know that it isn’t. The only way to describe it to you is to just say that I have finally felt the pieces of my dreams colliding with my reality and I know the path to take. I am excited about life. I am excited about my future. Of course I’m excited about our new puppy Daphne, and I can only be grateful that she came to pull me out of this years-long creative funk.

So I’m sorry the next few posts will be a bit backdated, but I just have things to share. Hope you enjoy.


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