First, let me say Happy Birthday to the Boy Who Lived.

There are many things I could thank Harry for giving me, but the U.S.A. women’s gymnastics team is about to win a gold medal and I’m already two glasses of Malbec in. Maybe next year I’ll give you the proper 32nd birthday you deserve. Except then I’ll be 26, almost 27, and increasingly depressed about being closer to 30 myself.

And on that note, I am realizing that the things I wanted to accomplish before 30 (clearly I didn’t accomplish anything before 25 when it would have actually been impressive) are nowhere near being accomplished. Thus the wine to remind me that I in fact was never destined to be a 16-year-old Olympian.

So I’m starting with the August Photo-A-Day Challenge. I’m sure most of you have seen these over the last few months. Here is the list:

Tomorrow is outside. That should be easy, I’m the only one who sits at the picnic tables at the office for lunch. Though it’s not doing much for my tan.

We’re not travelling much in August, which should help set me on a good track. I want to start doing yoga. To kick part of my sweet tooth. To write something every day, even if it’s scribbles on a pad during my lunch break. To build what I have seen in my mind (no, not Scar from the Lion King), the pound of horses racing on the beach, the white limestone alleyways, and actually get somewhere.

So here’s to the next 31 days of something.



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