Happy Just After New Year

So in the 3 days into 2012 we’ve gotten, I’ve managed to eat less sugar (yes!) and exercise 2/3. Yesterday we spent the day up at Keystone mountain skiing, and while I may have cried the whole first run, it was ultimately a success.


Adam and I at the top of Dercum Mountain with Breckenridge in the background.

I wouldn’t say I’m getting better, I’d say I’m getting more consistent. Hopefully we can go up again in the next week or two and get another lesson which should help build the confidence. Then I’ll have to work on taking longer runs, since those seem to knock me out quickly. Though I should say that the first run took 50 minutes and doing it again later in the day took only 20. Definitely improvement.

Tonight we went to Jack Quinn’s. For those who don’t know, JQ is a local Irish pub (music sing-a-longs on Thursdays!) that hosts a running club every Tuesday. After 10 runs, you get a t-shirt. The sorority girl in me is determined to get the t-shirt. We’re now up to 4 ‘runs,’ when really Adam runs and I walk, so hopefully the weather stays crisp without any wind so we can keep going.

Hopefully I can keep this momentum going. Between eating less chocolate (I know, hard to believe!) and getting a strong fitness routine, I’ll be a happier, healthier (skinnier) me!

What new years resolutions did you make?



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