His & Hers

Adam and I had a lovely Christmas yesterday. We certainly got some great gifts and enjoyed a trip to see Sherlock Holmes and a Packers win.

This is our first real Christmas together in the US – complete with cookies, lights, and church on Christmas eve. Despite one or both of us being abroad the last three Christmases, we certainly know just how to make it a great day.

I’ll admit, buying gifts for boys can be rough. There are so many video games and ties and books that it makes me want to lie down with a compress and a bottle of Advil. But this year, being in Colorado, I took keeping warm to the next level:


Brewing your own beer is a gift that’ll keep you warm all winter. He sensibly gave me a new hat and adorable matching white gloves with tortoise shell buttons. At least we’ll both be comfortable until May when winter might decide to end.

And when we bought each other His and Hers Sperrys, it seemed like a good sign for our new married life together.


Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Now to find those cookies…

Jenna Kate


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