38: Social Weddings

Tonight I went to a social media marketing and SEO class held by Stellar Marketing Solution‘s founder Kelly Noble and SEO guru Hunter Willis. The class was focused on business applications, but I’m coming from more of a lifestyle blogger angle. So, how does social media affect weddings?

1. When planning a wedding, you have to be careful what you share and where. You don’t want to incite any fights or get into a situation where you have to extend invites because social media makes people think they’re invited.

2. You can also take advantage of sharing your wedding information with your guests. We’ve got a pretty awesome website (weddingwire.com/jennaandadam) and people are using it. Not as much as we’d like, but it certainly helps. It was awesome to see our counter go from 200 to 2000 after our save the dates went out.

3. Social media has become a haven for brides-to-be. Reputable and reliable sites like WeddingBee and WeddingWire help provide planning resources, connect you with other brides in your wedding location, and give you access to opinions from people with your type of crazy on their mind. That way, you’re not driving your friends/family away with your neurotic obsession over napkin holders or cake designs.

As the web becomes less informative and more a complete social experience, niches like wedding planning will only continue to thrive. The salon I bought my wedding dress at offers a webcam where your family and friends not with you can log on and see you in the best and worst, to have that social experience without actually being there. The virtual world will only grow further into reality.

On that note, Pluto has also experienced the affects of social media, most recently after being demoted. There was a huge push online advocating for Pluto to keep it’s status, as well as yearly calls to return it to it’s former glory. Pluto definitely shows how cultural experiences are transforming.


Don’t forget to celebrate ‘Kiss and Make Up Day’ this week, because everyone can use a little lovin’!








One thought on “38: Social Weddings

  1. I will most definitely be filing this away for those special somedays 🙂

    In other news, couldn’t find your email address but I have a very important favor to ask: Could please update the links on your blog to mine with my new URL http://www.danielle-abroad.com? I lost my old one and don’t want to give the not very nice man who bought it any traffic. By the way, thank you, thank you, thank you for including me in your blog roll! I’m honored.

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