There are only 64 days left until we get married. For our friends and family, that means booking flights, picking out ties and dresses, and planning hotels with room to party.

For us, it means the 63 items left on our to-do list.

A lot of people realize that a wedding is time consuming. It’s expensive. And there’s a lot of details to manage. But what no one realizes is until you plan a wedding, all the decisions seem like they would be easy.

Just like picking the type of flowers for a bouquet, all the other decisions seem easy, until you start looking at the options. And there are a lot of options. Particularly when you don’t have your heart set on anything in particular. Oh, except the groom.

So, over the next 63 days, I’ll go through the big decisions we made and a few of the small ones that seriously made me consider eloping in St. Lucia, where we’re going on our honeymoon.

If there’s anything in particular you want to hear about, feel free to let me know! Just sit back, and enjoy the ride through 16 crazy months.


Jenna Kate


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