The Secret Life of Dreams

The last few days have been interesting. We’re under 40 days left until elections, which means just over 40 days until I leave for China. Work is sporadically getting busier, and I am slowly exhausting myself. Luckily there’s NyQuil to help me sleep at night. But even though this week has been uneventful in my personal life, minus the season premiere of The Office, I have been busy in the wee hours of the morning (yes Olivia, you can quote me saying ‘wee’).

Monday I woke up a little warm. I had just been in Paris wearing the same stunning red ball gown Blair Waldorf donned in that evening’s episode of Gossip Girl:


wondering who that brunette was wearing the same dress as me and talking to Chuck Bass, because wasn’t I supposed to be standing on the bridge in Paris convincing him to come back to New York?

Then Tuesday I woke up shaking just a little, wiping the blue face paint off and testing my breastbone for a dagger – I had been crusading around the British Isles as William Wallace. Cornered in a castle tower, I had been betrayed and was about to meet a less than valiant end being stabbed to death.


I’ve never seen Braveheart. Not even five minutes. I’m not really a big fan of blood, even in the movies. We can worry about my obsession with vampire TV shows later.

Then on Wednesday, I had merely gone for a swim, probably in the ocean. Seemed harmless at the time. Except when I walked into my house (Georgian style mansion? Where did you come from?) I had a powdered wig and straw hat covered with sunflowers unwillingly thrust onto my head. Then I found out that Adam was in fact next in line to rule a European principality and didn’t I know I had to look presentable? You try doing that with a powdered wig, rain boots and a towel. Not a lot to work with.


Something like this but with sunflowers instead of Tiffany blue ribbon. That I could have enjoyed.

So I’ve done a little digging into what all this might mean. I asked Leah (both her parents are psychologists) if she thought dreams could tell us about what was going on in our lives. She thinks sometimes it works. I’m going to guess it’s working now. I tried to pick a key point or two to explore. Thanks to the Smart Girl Dream Dictionary, here are a few ideas:

Monday: Actor / Actress: To see an actor or actress in your dream represents your pursuit of pleasure. Your admiration of a particular celebrity may lead to a desire to have some of their physical or personality traits. To dream that you are an actor denotes that your hard work and labor will be well worth it in the end.
Bridges often signify travel and transitions. Dreaming of a bridge over water suggests that you could be conflicted in your emotions. If the bridge was unstable or collapsing, it could mean problems in a friendship or love relationship.


Tuesday: Knife: If you dream about a knife, you may be worried about a male person in your life. This dream might also mean you can solve your problems by being honest with others about your fears and anxieties.
To dream that you have been betrayed represents your suspicions of another person, relationship, or situation. This dream usually occurs when you have feelings of insecurities and are facing major commitments.


Wednesday: Swimming: Dreams about swimming are related to the need to trust your instincts and look to past situations for answers to problems. They can also signify the need for nurturing or mothering in one’s life.
Symbolizes your greatest potential and growth. If you dream about living in or visiting a mansion, you may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut. But have hope – your dream is a positive omen that you will someday leave your home for a better place and you will be lucky in life and finance.


Unprepared: If you dream of being unprepared for something, it represents your fear of messing something up and failing. You may be worried and insecure that you don’t have what it takes to accomplish a particular task coming your way.

I picked the last one because while it was great figuring out that I would be a ‘princess,’ I felt completely inadequate. At the end of the dream, instead of sitting neatly in line with everyone else on big floor cushions, I plopped down with my legs stretched out right in the middle of the floor. This must be my acquiescence of my fear. Haven’t decided if it means I’m giving up yet. I do have a rekindled desire to write, and I’m hoping to motivate myself during the free time I have at work. At least to get something creative flowing again. Any ideas?

Cheers, Kate


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