Happy Labor Day

So here I am on the last holiday of summer at work. I will be the first to admit, just as I struggle to get up in the morning, I am struggling with this blog. I am not a creature of habits. Brushing my teeth 6 our of 7 nights a week is an accomplishment. I’m sorry Dr. P that after almost a year of trying, I still do not have flossing pinned down into my daily activities.

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I am struggling with a topic. Travel is exciting and I love it, but it’s hard when I know I won’t be going anywhere for 58 more days (Charleston, followed by Florida, followed by China). Hopefully packing my bags again will renew my love. I am also struggling with the idea that I want to do more than write about travel, I do after all need variety in my life. I like fashion, but I don’t love it. I can’t be bothered to cook let alone blog about it (I’m sorry Adam, but you knew what you were getting when you asked me to marry you).

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Don’t ever expect to see something like that coming out of my kitchen. And this is not a wedding blog. I love weddings and events, but I don’t want to live weddings forever. I am also completely sick of people asking me, “How is wedding planning going? Ohmigosh yay!” Really people, my fiance lives in China. How do you think it’s going?

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So in short, I’m lost. Dazed and confused, I wander through the abyss of the blogosphere. I have no focus, no audience, nothing to write about. And frankly, it makes me kind of dizzy.

I guess this is my warning that this project is slowly drowning. I will never be like Emily (cupcakes and cashmere), Della (The Wedding Row), or even my coveted Alexis (J.Crew Aficionada). These girls have found their niche, their audience, and something that they love. I’m back to the struggle that sent me across the world: what do I love? What am I passionate about? What can I devote myself to? Right now, the answer is dangerous love stories (I’ll admit it, I’m re-watching The Vampire Diaries season 1 before the new season premieres on Thursday), ruffles made of organza and tulle, and counting down the days until November 10 (66 perhaps?).

Maybe if I’m feeling better tomorrow, I’ll start writing again. Because everything can be put off until tomorrow.


Jenna Kate


One thought on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Oh my dear, I know how you feel! It takes a little bit of time to figure out what direction you want to go in. Honestly, I feel like I’m all over the place with my blogging. But…I keep doing it…just keep writing! Something will come up/you’ll get inspired! Just give it time. 🙂

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