Fashion Forward

Lately, I’ve seen this photo popping up around the web:

Photo source.

and was happy to find an article on Shine from Yahoo! about these futuristic heels. Designed by Polly Verity, I hope this model didn’t have to catwalk in them. I would also be concerned about my poor toes falling out the sides.

The article/slide show also showcases eco-friendly shoes from Stockholm designers Naim Josefi & Souzan Youssouf that are made from only one material. And the Mojito shoe is like Birkenstocks, except not:

Photo source.

Designed by British architect Julian Hakes, the shoe molds to your foot. I’m a big fan of Rainbow sandals which similarly conform to accommodate the unique arch in each wearer’s foot. I’d definitely try these on, but maybe just wear them around the house. For now, I think we’re all safe in our pumps, flats, and flip-flops. Have you seen other futuristic fashion taking over?


Jenna Kate


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