5 Healthy Reasons to Pop a Cold One

I’m a good Southern girl and I drink beer. Today, MSN posted up a list of five reasons why it’s healthy to pop a nice cold beer. And I fully support this list.
Not only is this reason number one, but this is also a really good fact to know: beer helps prevent osteoporosis. I’m lactose intolerant, and have never had a drop of milk in my life. Maintaining a healthy level of calcium to prevent osteoporosis is hard. At least I know that drinking beer may be helping if only a little. The article recommends an ale or pale ale, but didn’t comment on if ‘light’ beers make a difference in their healthiness. Granted the experts recommend no more than two beers in a sitting, but I’ll still be sure to add a seasonal summer ale to my next grocery list.

What’s your favorite seasonal beer? Do you agree with any of beer’s healthy traits?

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