‘Take Ivy’ Makes a Preppy Comeback

With  just over 30 days to the re-release of 1960s fashion icon book Take Ivy, out August 30,  there has been quite a bit of buzz around the revival of American preppy style. I’m sorry, I didn’t know preppy was out?

Photo source.

Luckily, stars like Blake Lively (I want her hair!) are staying true to preppy summer style: check out InStyle’s summer top trends.

Photo source.

You can also get a get some great accessories ideas from Vogue’s ‘New Prep’ article, like these fabulous Linda Farrow tortoise sunnies:

Photo source.

and these ultra-prep pink chino pants (of course from J. Crew, which is synonymous with modern, prep chic):

Photo source.

Defined as “Witty and intellectual, you prefer to be covered up in houndstooth, argyle, and other nerdy-chic styles,” Vogue also has some fabulous purple YSL strappy heels I’d love to say I wore, but that would never happen. Like a true Prep, I care too much about comfort.

This fall, you can also get your copy of the new Preppy Handbook: True Prep

Photo source.

available September 7th! And in honor of my fellow Eloners, I’ve also added this coffee table classic to my Amazon order: Mating Rituals of the North American WASP

Photo source.

If you can’t wait for your books to come in the mail, check out these NYT pieces on the preppy comeback:

Fashion Diary: Prep, Forward and Back by Guy Treebay July 23, 2010 (How do I get your job??)

Dress Codes: The All-American Back From Japan by David Colman June 17, 2009

Happy Preppy Reading!


Jenna Kate


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