New Edition from J. Crew

If you know me, you know J. Crew is part of my religion. And as I am now psychotically stalking their weddings and parties collection, I have found my new love: the Silk Chiffon Arabelle gown:

Photo source.

While I look good in white, I’m trying to mix up my wardrobe color palate. I’d pick it in Spiced Wine. There is another new dress in the fall W&P line that I’m super excited about: the Silk Taffeta Selma Dress:

Photo source.

Here it is in a beautiful color called Matisse Blue. I’ve been to the Matisse museum in Southern France, and this is certainly a color he’d approve of.  Now I’m just waiting for a reason to order them!

Also in the new arrivals on J. Crew are Bobbi Brown lip gloss in colors buff and rosey, and Cosabella cutie lowrider thongs, in colors black, olive moss, barely peach, melon, shocking pink, and radiant orchid. J. Crew is truly turning themselves into a one-stop shop for the fashionista looking for a chic, semi-casual look. Any new favorites of yours for the fall line?

Cheers, Kate


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