The Source by Wolfgang Puck

Last night, Adam and I took a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue for a nice dinner out. After a beaming recommendation from my co-worker Kara, we decided to check out The Source by Wolfgang Puck. This trendy, sleek restaurant is attached to the Newseum right downtown. 


The Source second floor dining room. Photo source.    


We had a great dinner. The food was delicious. We started off with a half bottle of White Hall Lane Merlot from Napa Valley:   


I did find it difficult to pick out things from the menu because the terms used to describe Asian cuisine are pretty intimidating. I had no idea what a “Scallop and Shrimp Sui Mai” was (which is a steamed dumpling filled with seafood), what a gai lan was (Chinese kale or broccoli), or what “Assam” prawns were (basically a tamarind sauce with a sour flavor). But our waitress steered me towards a perfect warm calamari salad with jalapeno, cucumber, scallions, and a delicious ginger sauce to start:  


And Adam had spicy crystal garlic chive dumplings with king crab, kurubuta pork, and Chinese mustard:  


For our main course, I had the 12 ounce double cut pork chop with an apricot puree, confit bacon and wild honey:  


And Adam had the Szechuan filet “au poivre” with wild mushrooms and a caramelized shallot sauce:  


His mushrooms even came in their own silver pot.  I was happy he was eating them and not me. We were so full we didn’t even look at the dessert menu, but I’m sure it’s equally delicious. If you have any outstanding DC restaurant suggestions, send them my way! Hope you enjoy The Source as much as we did. 

Cheers, Kate 


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