‘Obscene’ Mannequin Upsetting Town

In the news this week, a naked mannequin upset a Nebraska town. The fake figure was seen wearing “a pair of pants around its ankles and wearing shoes but no other clothing.” I would be interested to know if it had a head, arms, and legs, as most mannequins don’t. Read the Yahoo! News article here.

While searching for odd or funny mannequin photos, I came across one adjusting her thong panties, two mannequins standing suggestively at forever 21, and an interesting store front display of mannequins begging to be rescued. Please be aware these are not kid-friendly photos.

I always find it interesting that we so easily ignore odd or bizarre things going on around us. I’d love to hear your stories of anything like this mannequin fiasco that you have seen or experienced!

Cheers, Kate

 Photo source.


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