Weekly Newscap 7/2

Sorry I’m a little late on last week’s Article of the Day update. Enjoy:

Monday 6/28: Like a good Kiwi, this driver opened another beer to quench his thirst while waiting for the police to arrive on the scene to free him from his car.

Tuesday 6/29: We had some fun Guerrilla Gardening to beautify the cracks and crevaces everywhere. Then enjoyed some frisky astronauts. It’s not like they’re really stranded somewhere with nothing to do and no one to see or anything.

Photo source. Follow-up unreliable info from Wikipedia, and reliable from Wired.

Wednesday 6/30: We turned a little Patriotic in anticipated of the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. And appreicated the vigor with which this gentleman defended his right to a good corner-stand taco.


Thursday 7/1: In honor of my fellow proofers, out Standard American English is under threat by the NY Times. And we watched the Duke of Germany get arrested for taking a shower.

Friday 7/2: The office teared up (just a bit) at the site of this tree-top, camo wedding.


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