Airport Snafu’s

TIME magazine released a great little slide show of  some pretty big ‘Oops!’ moments at airports around the world. While this article originally debuted in March, it’s interesting that the front page is showcasing it now – 5 days after the closed runway at JFK was scheduled to be reopened. Luckily for them, it reopened “under budget and ahead of schdule,” according to this CNN article.


Others on the list include the disastrous opening days of British Airways’ T5 at Heathrow, where thousands of bags were lost and passengers stranded, and the redevelopment of Chicago O’Hare airport. All but two of the O’Hare runways intersect, and the redesign project will oust the residents of nearby Bensonville. Also on the list was the 2007 JetBlue incident where passengers on nine flights were stranded on the runway for upwards of 11 hours. Congress didn’t pass a passenger’s bill of rights until 2009.

Any good airport accidents you’ve witnessed?


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