The Greenbrier

According to Lilly Pulitzer’s Facebook update today, The Greenbriar in West Virginia is the East Coast place to be this Fourth of July weekend. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Gardner, Ben Affleck, and Brooke Shields are going, so it must be cool. [Photo Source.]

I took a virtual wander around the resort and was entertained and impressed. Want to try your hand at falconry? No problem. Want to eat the wonders of a “renound chef [and his] culinary brigade?” Go ahead. Need room for your kids? How about staying at Heritage level accommodations with two to four bedrooms. I wonder who won the spacious seven bedroom Presidential Suite – Brooke and Jessica must have had a walk-off to determine that one.

How about being at the grand opening of the Casino Club! Scheduled for tomorrow, this “102,000 square foot facility” has over 300 slot machines and a measly 30-plus gaming tables. I’m sure you can fit in family time between hands of Black Jack and Poker.

But for the regular travelers out there, you can book a family package for $250 a night with kids staying free, or pay just $125 if they want their own room. You can golf the famous Old White Course, a new addition to the PGA Tour, FedEx Cup series in 2010. And you can take advantage of the ‘Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia’ through kayaking, white water rafting, and mountain trail rides. Then relax at the spa with signature treatments and natural mineral waters. For a fun, adventurous weekend getaway, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. As long as there weren’t any celebrities blocking the view with their egos.


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