Romance Novels

Romance novels are a fantastic invention. Lately there has been a bit of chatter around CNN about why they’re so popular, and why women prefer their britches and boots wearing, gun handling, broody but first to arrive on the scene to help heroes to their real-life male counterparts. Plus these pocketbook paperbacks make great travel buddies. One romance novel made it through 6 of my friends on Spring Break senior year at Elon.

Today’s article is aptly about the release of the third installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse. While I won’t ever be a ‘Twihard,’ I’ll never read the books, there is something compelling and mystifying about such a strong love between this awkward teenage girl and her damned soul-mate. I’ll be interested to see how this half-vampire child issue works out in the final film…

Here are the stories that have shown up lately. Any thoughts?

I Write Romance Novels…So What? CNN, 5/10/2010

A Romantic Hero Wouldn’t Do That CNN, 5/31/2010

Why Women Find Vampires Hot CNN, 6/30/2010

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