Year of the Tiger 2010

This year, in honor of 2010’s Year of the Tiger, Barnum’s Animals Crackers has teamed up with an unusual partner – Lilly Pulitzer! I stumbled across a box of my favorite childhood snack unexpectedly in the Giant snack aisle near my office. Decked out in signature Lilly pink and green with authentic Lilly jungle animals playing across the box.

While I was a bit disappointed that the actual cracker’s hadn’t changed shape, it was nice to see such a great effort by two classic, niche brands. Both are arguably household names, though I’m sure the houses where Lilly Pulitzer is common place might not be the same as these treats, and they have teamed up to support the World Wildlife Foundation’s mission to rescue tigers across the world. According to the box, there are only 400 Sumatra tigers still in existence, with just over 3,000 tigers alive in the wild. Barnum’s is supporting the WWF with a $100,000 donation. And Lilly is sending its fans out across the country searching for these boxes. Good luck Lilly Lovers!


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