Does the Quarter-Life Crisis Ever End?

I’ve been home from traveling for two whole weeks now. Meaning in the country. This past weekend I took a lazy trip down to Elon to see some sorority sisters before graduation next weekend, since I’ll be at the beach and won’t be able to see them shake Leo’s hand. No matter how old you are or how long it is between visits, or how often you chat on Facebook, people will always ask what you are doing.

Granted, I should never say that I’m doing nothing, even though on a daily basis that’s what it feels like. I’m doing exactly what I want. I’m working enough to finance my traveling, which is a lot more than some 2009 graduates can say. But the problem is, I have no advice to offer to my 2010 graduating friends. All I can tell them is, “You don’t have to just sit at home. Do something different. Do something that makes you smile.” That’s not really encouraging advice in this financial/job market. Most of my friends are worried about moving back in with their parents and suffering through a tedious and drawn out job hunting process. Don’t worry friends, I’m right there with you.

Now that I’m waiting for the next trip to arrive (China in November), I’ve got some time to figure out my next step. Even though I have a plan in mind, that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone, and the multitude of interests I have makes decisions that much harder. Grad school is always an option, especially since my mom works at a university, so I thought I would check in on the value of an MBA. I came across this article about Harvard Business School: Was Earning that Harvard M.B.A. Worth It?

The question now becomes: is it worth getting an M.B.A. from an unknown school if its low/minimal cost? Or is the national prestige of the program worth the $20,000-70,000 price tag? How much can you gain from just the degree, how much do you gain from networking and name recognition?

Even worse, at 23 without any specific career direction, who says business school is a good idea. There are yet again too many options.


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