Today, Ali and I took a bus up to Granada. It’s a beautiful city at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, which still have a bit of snow up at the top. We hiked through the hilly streets, and climbed straight up to the Alhambra, the 800-year-old Moor/Spanish fortress and palace. While the tickets were sold out, it was incredible to see just how massive the place really is.

We walked along the walls, through lush trees, past fountains and water drains, and down to the Albaicín. This neighborhood is a traditionally Arab one, with more modern Jewish residents. Many of the houses here are over 400 years old. How cool would that be?

Stopping for lunch at a little cafe, we rested from the afternoon heat. Off the coast, the sun gets to you a lot quicker than you’d like. We wandered down through the streets to the city center, finding a bazaar of tourist trinkets, printed African picnic blankets, and fresh hookahs. In only a few hours, we had covered enough of the city. When I come back, it will be to get inside the Alhambra, then I’ll go finish my day at the beach in Malaga.

This past week has been interesting. It’s nice to get a taste for my friend’s lives here on the Continent. Things in Europe are definitely a lot farther apart than they seem. I never made it down to Gibraltar and across to Morocco (next time), I’m lucky I didn’t have any major flight issues with this silly Icelandic volcano erupting. I’m excited to go home tomorrow. To not have to go to the airport for a while. To have my entire closet of clothes accessible. To start working a little and figure out the next step in my life. To get on Skype with my amazing boyfriend who’s in China until Christmas. To save up for the next trip.


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