Feria de Sevilla

 This past week has been Feria in Sevilla. This is a week-long spring festival that the city celebrates in full force. Families, clubs, and businesses set up ‘cosettas’ or tents with live music, food, drinks, dancing, and a party until dawn every night of the festival. Carol, her friend Lauren and I went to check it out on Friday.

We made a pit stop in the Alcazar, the palace in the city. Started by the Moors in the 1000’s, the palace grew through over 300 year of various rulers. The site today is the only palace in Spain where the royal family actually stays while in town.

Filled with beautiful tile work and gigantic tapestries, the palace opens out into a perfect set of gardens. There are open patches perfect for a game of croquet or an afternoon picnic as well as carefully mapped out squares centered around bubbling fountains. Up on the Galeria de Grutesco, you can look over the Escuary of Mercury, columns covered with roses, and both sides of the gardens.

After a nice jaunt around the palace grounds, we headed to grab a drink at a nearby cafe while we waited for restaurants to open for dinner. A group of nearby Italian gentlemen bought us a few drinks, and we eventually separated again searching for food. We stopped by a tapas bar and had deep fried zucchini, spinach croquettes, and rocheforte cheese with blackberry jam. Then we headed to the Feria.

The grounds were expansive. Blocks and blocks of tents, separated into streets, filled with girls in flamenco dresses and boys in suits. Eventually we made it into several cosettas with the help of a bartender friend of Lauren’s, and enjoyed a piece of the party ourselves.

Back on the 7am bus to Malaga, it was nice to finally sit down and rest up. Next time I go to Feria, I’ll bring my own polka-dotted, ruffle covered spring dress and an escort with a tie.


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