Word Ban

Lake Superior State University in Michigan releases a list each year of words to be ‘banished’ from English speech. You can read this year’s list at: http://www.lssu.edu/banished. I thought this was interesting. On the list are several phrases over-used by politicians: “transparency” and “in these economic times….” The great thing about these two is that they will never go away. There will always be something going on with the economy to talk about, and nothing about business practices or government will ever truly be transparent.

This was not the only interesting factor. The list creators cite that a word or phrase can be included because of over-use particularly by teenagers. Thus the appeal of axing “bromance.” While this term has been helpful to describe that strange love males give to each other, it does put a bad taste in your mouth. Another choice in the banished list is “tweet,” and I completely agree with this one. Google may have invaded our lives so that using the site to search for something has become a verb, but Twitter is just another social media fad that should not become an action of daily life. Texting and messaging is one thing, but I hope a guy never says to me, “I’ll tweet you later to set up that date.” No personal connection at all. Just ask for my number while I’m standing in front of you.

So, the next time there is a useless word coming up on MTV or CNN, let’s think America about whether we want our kids to speak in abbrevs or  actually use language.


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