Practical Traveler Reviews Flight Meta-Search Engines

The Practical Traveler, NY Times own travel blog, has sent out a nice piece reviewing several ‘meta-search’ engine sites in the post ‘Sites That Do Your Fare Digging.’ Anyone who has asked me for travel advice has been to, and my new favorite I love Kayak because it tells you where to look for the best price, and TravelZoo sends out a weekly alert filled with fantastic travel deals as well as last-minute alerts. Something to sign up for if you’re looking for quick deals or last-minute getaways.

I was unaware that TravelZoo also runs meta-search engine, and equally unfamiliar with After conducting my own search, I found a ticket $300 cheaper on Fly than on my traditional favorite Kayak. So perhaps it is worth looking at a few sites. Thankfully now you only have to search three, instead of thirty. Please let me know if you have a favorite search site that has been helpful for you to find great travel deals. Then we can all fly somewhere sunny, at least until spring really sets in!


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