Yogi… Bear

While hanging out in West Chester, I got a one month membership at the YMCA. They offer over 20 fitness classes every day, including some great yoga classes. I’ve tried just about all of them, and can comfortably say my abs are sore.

At a gym like the huge YMCA here, I have had the same instructor only once or twice over the last week. This is great because I can really figure out which instructors I like, and which classes I’ll keep going to. The 10.30 yoga stretch class on Wednesdays has a friendly older instructor named Jane who is excited to show you extra tips after class. The 9.20 Monday yoga class instructor is great at explaining ways of modifying each pose. Thursday Vinyassa yoga instructor loves trying new music for class, and last week I experienced Tibetan bells, even as I cried through my tense muscles. During Tuesday evening yoga, the instructor jabbers along about exploring each pose. There was no music to drown out her ‘yogi’ comments since all she brought was the soundtrack to Glee. I couldn’t help but laugh imagining Yogi Bear in a downward dog position.

I’ve really enjoyed testing out all of the courses. Even though I’m only here for a few weeks, I’m trying to go to as many classes as possible to stretch out five months of hiking and extreme sports. Going to the morning classes gives me Tuesday and Thursday off to spend some time on the elliptical, working my hip abductions, and attending core and cycling courses. I’ve got a week and a half left before I head back to DC then to Florida for Easter, so it’s important to push my body back into gym mode. Not that I’ve ever been an avid exerciser. On the flight back from Auckland to LA, I sat next to a Dutch personal trainer who told me it takes on average 17 months to make exercising a part of your routine just like brushing your teeth. At least I have week one under my belt.


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