In China, it seems like the strange and curious never cease to amaze us. Adam’s friend’s brother Peter is currently living in Shanghai, China. You can check out his blog here: Tall Guy in Shanghai. He posted an interesting fun fact about dating in this very westernized city. Young people in Shanghai are so busy, their mothers have to find dates for them. Not the typical way like or through the local horticulture society mixer. But by typing up a page-long summary of their kid and posting it in public.

Thanks Peter, sorry we’re not friends or I’d ask to post your photo. Isn’t this just remarkable? A clothesline matchmaking service, free of charge. Just send mum down with a fur hat, a pair of gloves, and an inspector’s glass to dig through the potential mates hung out to flap in the wind like a string of loneliness. And I thought the community notice boards in New Zealand were impressive. Thanks China, for taking love to a whole new public forum.


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