Sky High Wi-Fi

As I begin to set off on various modes of transportation around New Zealand, I remembered receiving email from AirTran announcing WiFi service on all flights by September 2009. Why I’m on their email list, I have no idea, but it gave me something to ruminate over. How will WiFi on airplanes change social media applications?

My immediate reaction was of annoyance. For a flight under 3 hours, the cost is $9.95, and $12.95 for flights over 3 hours. I think that public service providers should include internet in the ticket price, if they are going to offer it on the flight, and I refuse to pay for a service which should be a perk for using their airline. Like leather seats and satellite TV on JetBlue (the main reason I fly them across the country). Regardless of the cost, the availability of internet service on planes means two things. First, that cell phones actually can have reception. Second, that social media is about to take on a whole new face.

While riding the Metro in Washington, D.C. everyone learns to not use their phone. If you choose to use public transportation, then you should be courteous enough to

Phone service should never be allowed on planes. Period. First thing that happens is a pilot crashes because of texting or looking at a picture message or getting Twitter updates. Next thing is the utter annoyance of every person in the cabin because of the rude and loud conversation of one person. Neither of those things would be pleasant. Flights should be in the same category as the subway, since they are both means of public transportation. If cell phones are allowed on public flights, I will seriously consider selling my soul for a private jet.

But social media will finally have a new outlet!


One thought on “Sky High Wi-Fi

  1. WiFi on planes doesn’t mean cell phones will work on planes. That wifi isn’t run through the towers that cell service is. You still won’t be able to get cell service because you’re above the cellular towers (and, basically, the whole network).

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